The Blue Belly Farms Investment Opportunity

We are providing a unique, unitized investment approach for the sophisticated investor. We offer diversified business unit investments in five key areas of cannabis production and practice, with these minimum investment thresholds for each unit:

  • Cultivation ($2.3 million per business unit)
  • Distribution ($1.1 million per business unit)
  • Manufacturing ($850,000 per business unit)
  • Dispensary ($2.25 million per business unit)
  • Consulting ($500,000 per business unit)

How to Begin. We will uniquely craft your business profile (number of units in each sector) to meet your capital investment goals. For each business unit purchased, the investor can:

  • 100% Own and operate a “Certified by Blue Belly Farms” business unit for a Fee
  • Start a “Blue Belly Partners” Joint-Venture with shared or limited operational responsibilities
  • Equity business unit investor, where we run the business unit operation and share the profits

For more information, and to schedule your investment planning session, call 831-200-3088.